Collison Estate Kessler Loess Hills Pottery Auction

Saturday, November 12, 2016 at 1:00pm
320 - 10th Street
Onawa, IA 51040

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Auction Description

early piece estimated from late 70s/early 80s black reddish brown fluted flower pot with ribs and ridges 7 inches deep 10 inch diameter 
blue pink with green vase rounded wide body opening of 3 inches and 7 inches deep
green pink oval shaped  vase with 2 handles inside is glazed wide opening 8 inches deep opening 10 inches by 5 inches
blue pink green and white with gray pitcher 9 inches deep with 3X4 opening
triple tone olive green crock with lid 6 inches diameter 5 inches deep
white pink blue 1990s teapot 5 inches deep 
16 inch diameter 2 inch deep plate brown with a little blue
Early brown black and tan dish 16inches handle to handle diameter non symmetrical
White blue green dish 18 inches handle to handle and 13 inches wide
Large Bowl 12 inches diameter 8 inches deep blue brown with white flowers
Large Bowl 12 inches diameter 8 inches deep green and white
Decorative Hang Plate Blue pink and white with white flowers
Medium plate with optional decorative feature blue green and pink with leaves & berries 11 inch diameter 2 inch depth with irregular edger
Early Medium irregular brown speckled planter semi glazed with handles and artists finger impressions "flowers"
Medium round crock with lid 7 inch opening 11 inch diameter overall 4 inches deep with LID
medium small plate brown black plate 11 inch diameter scalloped edge "unsigned" but appears to be early Kessler
medium plate black and brown 12 inch diameter irregular scalloped edge
vase basket with handle with brown black glaze handle and rim plus pink blue cream glaze for base (broken handle)
planter green brown and white 12 inch diameter 9 inches deep
very unusual oval shape basket with ribboned handle green blue pink white 15 inches overall height 15 inches length 8 inches wide
very unusual half raku half regular glaze red green purple and white 11 inches deep 6 inch diameter
raku crock with a lid blue black green red and purple 11 inches diameter 4 inches deep
hourglass vase mix of raku and mixed glaze green purple mottled 8 inches tall 4 inch diameter
large raku vase hybrid glaze with southwestern pattern on top mottled green pink blue red with copper accent 9 inches tall 12 inch diameter 1 inch opening
large pitcher blue pink brown 12 inches tall with handle 8 inches wide 5 inch diameter opening
large pitcher blue gray 11 inches tall with handle 8 inches wide with handle 4 inch diameter opening
set of 5 tumblers pink and blue 5.5 inches tall 3 inches diameter
belt buckle blue pink abstract
belt buckle white blue with flower
medium pitcher brown with blue 8 inches tall irregular opening
medium picher olive green brown glaze 9 inches tall irregular opening
small crock with lid
small crock with lid
small creamer unsigned
single flower vase half black and white with blue flower
4 small cups brown glaze JK impressed
single flower vase white with turquoise abstract design
single flower vase blue with cream
brown cup with white flowers and leaves
8 small single flower vases (some early variation 1976+) signed with (Designate A, B,C, D, E,F, G,H, I on each piece of this line)
small honey pot (without spoon)
unsigned bowl amber and black
blue pink green bowl 7 inch diameter
interesting pitcher/stein small blue pink green 9 inches tall irregular opening signed on the side
small pitcher pink blue green gray 6 inches tall 3 inch diameter
set of 5 tumblers pink and blue 5.5 inches tall 3 inches diameter (2nd set)
mug pink blue green 3X4
planter blue white pink with flowers and handles
raku pot 9 inch high 2 inch opening 5 inch width red and black
raku vase green yellow red
olive green and brown bowl 4 X 7
urn with a cork brown gray and green
soup pot crock with handles and lid cream with pink and blue
planter in jens room
plate in jens room
pitcher blue green brown medium
pencil holder green white blue small
plate pink brown wall hanger
plate large pink blue green
candlestick holder brown
large bowl pink and blue
flower vase flared opening
pitcher with broken spout brown and green
honey pot olive green with white flowers
single flower vase green blue and amber
single flower vase brown white olive green
single flower vase white purple blue unsigned
urn pink blue green larger
vase white magenta unsigned
honey pot brown and tan
mixing bowl green brown and tan
bowl with scalloped edge olive green an tan
bowl square brown olive green and tan
plate small blue brown and white
plate small olive green and brown early piece
2 small mugs A+B pink blue and white
Unusual shaped pot with open top and bottom pink blue and green